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How does it work in simple words

The SPEEDRON testing engine requires Adobe¬© Flash Player¬©. If you can`t see the meter, check if you have the plugin first. The Flash technology is one of the best methods for applications like this. It provides a good framework for network operations that`s way it was used to create SPEEDRON main engine.

Internet connection testing engine

The best destination server is choosen first. The tests are performed to 80 TCP remote port also called "www port". For Ping, small packets are sent to the server and the response time of each of them is measured as a median value. For Download, a file from remote server is downloading by HTTP GET method. For Upload, a HTTP POST request is sent to the server. Badwidth results in Mbps (Mega bits per second) are calculated as a total download/uploaded bytes divided by the total download/upload test time. Bandwidth tests are multithread. There are four connections established for each test to improve measurement performance. After the tests you can see your bandwidth rate which corresponds to the other users results.

Hardware performance benchmark engine

Three crypto-algorithms are used to measure hardware performance: MD5, SHA1, SHA256. Why them? They are common used in today`s systems. A hashrate for each of them is calculated. Hashrate means how many encrypted strings can be generated in a second by the hardware. This on-line hardware benchmark can quick provide your rate corresponding to other users results in a percentage graph.