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About something illegal - torrent

About the popular protocol.

A lot of people, especially young, use network for download some files, like music, films and books. Everyone knows that it is illegal and risk of financial penalty or even the prison, but they do it despite this. The most popular protocol for downloading files is called constructive, the Torrent. Truly, it is called the BitTorrent. It is protocol for exchange and distribution of files over the Internet. Its purpose is to provide files. The most important advantage of torrent is  bandwidth allocation between users which download the file. It is otherwise that HTTP. It means that user downloads and provides several fragments of file at the same time. This protocol  allows to download file without high load of the network link. BitTorrent allows to copy fragments of files and indicates computers of users for potential servers. User who copies a fragment of file, provides it for another users. At first, users should download torrent files from a corresponding page (.torrent) and put it into torrent application (the most popular are BitTorrent and μTorrent). This file has information about tracker address, checksum and  content of files that are sent via Internet. In the torrent protocol are three types of users: peer (user who currently collects and provides the file), seed (user who has complete file and make it available for others) and leecher (user who at the same time gets the file and provides fragments which has). The server that communicates information (IP addresses) about another users who download data is called  the tracker. There is also the cryptography. Part of the .torrent file is fed to the SHA1 hash function. It is used to identify the file tracker and users which download the same data. It is called the info hash. 

Most users of torrents are monitored …

Most of users who download files by BitTorrent are investigated by close ten different agencies. Everyone who downloaded file may be detected within three hours, as studies show. It is not important how long someone uses the BitTorrent. It may be the first time or one another. It is fact, that people who download less popular films or music are less likely to be controlled. Monitoring of BitTorrent users is so easy. Administrator can see every connection in network by filtering the port numbers or packet headers.