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The new meaning of a wool-gathering - Owncloud

Wool-gathering formerly

Long, long time ago, when I was a child my parents kept telling me that wool-gathering is not the future and man will not operate that way. Today I know that my parents did not expect how the world will evolve and they would never have predicted the growth of the Internet and the emergence of cloud-based technologies. The ascertainment: wool-gathering acquired new meaning. All big companies are trying to make the implementation of this service. The cloud technology is very popular in the Internet. Cloud allows us to remote access to our files from anywhere in the world: editing, writing and reading. Therefore, it is very comfortable solution. However, sometimes people do not want to use solutions made by large corporations. They would like to use something another.  

Private cloud at home

Some users would like to use private cloud for files that should not go out into the world. Sometimes, users do not trust leaders of the IT industry. Users like them can use opensource solution called OwnCloud. It is simple and useful application that can be installed on server and configured as the user wishes. OwnCloud has a lot of extensions: Calendar, Gallery, OpenOffice Integration, AudioStream. Unaffectedly, OwnCould can integrate with LDAP or Active Directory and can work with SSL.  

How to run OwnCloud?

It can be easily installed on your own computer, server, virtual machine or any hosting that have Apache2, Nginx, Ligttdp, PHP5 and MySQL, SQLite or PostgreSQL database server. Access to files is possible not only through the web browser but also by WebDAV protocol. There is also an app for Android and iOS, which is available for download at (also available on Google play and App Store)s. In late March, the developers launched ownCloud business support, where you can purchase technical support in two options: Business and Enterprise Edition, so OwnCloud can be a tool used by corporate companies.