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SVN - version control solution

It is a second article about webmaster tools on the Linux. Today, at first I would like to write about one thing, which greatly facilitates developer’s life. It is a version/revision control system. It is a tool which can track changes of the source code and merging changes in files by a lot of people in the same time. Some version control systems operate at the file content changes. This gives us the opportunity to preserve many versions of the same file. We can undo changes via one command in the terminal. It is an excellent tool for backup of project files.

The most popular systems used by developers are SVN and Git. We can put SVN server on our own machine, but Git Repository can be kept on our own server or on the output service - GitHub. The installation of Gitlab server is not so difficult nowadays. Recently, Gitlab developers have put a Debian version with precompiled CI and Runners. Lately, admin/user had to compile everything from repository and configure it. However, the use of SVN via terminal is not simply and comfortable. Generally, you can use GUI manager (e.g. RabbitSVN or SVNWorkbench), however sometimes these tools are able to hang and then user cannot do an omnibus commit.

The next application is a brower - the most important. Without it, we will not get far. Back-end developer can do something, but Front-end - no way! Fortunately, on the Linux we are not exposed to Internet Explorer (of course, suicide hotline proposes running Internet Explorer via Wine, but for what). We can use Chrome, Firefox, Iceweasel, Opera, Konqueror and a bit more. Now, at the repository of Debian/Ubuntu is a version of Firefox prepared specially for Developers with widget. We cannot forget about Firebug (widget for Firefox). Without it neither Javascript-developer can work.

For the end, I would like write something about graphics. Of course, the king of the market is Photoshop invariably. There is not nothing to talk about - it is the best of the best. However, Photoshop run on Linux vi Wine is not good option. It suspends and sometimes we may have problem with brushes. Of course, we have got a good tool in the repo. It is Gimp. It is not a copy of Photoshop, but does a good job.