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Start Monitoring and wake up - your server is down!

The availability of services monitoring

Every administrator knows how important is a monitoring of services running on servers. The best situation is when a monitoring is done in real time.  As a result, administrator is able to react quickly during the failure. However, despite the general availability of the Internet there are moments where the notifications sent via e-mail do not work, because you are not able to pick them up all the time. Failure notifications are particularly important in the case of online services that must be available 24h. Probably every administrator knows the fact that people are able to work at difference and strange time. The main task of the administrator is to ensure continuity of their operation. It is not strange that Mrs. (let`s call her) Alice (for the purposes of article) works on the favorite repository at midnight when usually other people are sleeps and server which is  responsible for the repository stopped working. It is obvious that Mrs. Alice do not want to wait until morning.

Mails? Boring! It is time for SMS notices!

In such cases the SMS notifications and sufficient loud ring of your phone can do the trick :) The notification can contain information about server services status and emerging problems. In network you can find many solutions but for special attention deserves hybrid icing / Nagios and SMS FoxBox or Kannel which perfectly integrate with it. A great way to solve this problem is to use the website SMS gateway. You can write a script in any language e.g. Python or Perl for sending SMS. In this case we are limited only by the SMS gateway. You can use paid solution with an API. It is also possible to write script to handle it. Other solution is your own SMS gateway. You will need a mobile phone connected to computer with an appropriate extension.

Advantages of Nagios/Icinga

The great advantage of Icinga is a not difficult configuration and a management. It is able to build a range of solutions arbitrary e.g. start and stop notices, configure notification times. The application can draw performance and stability graphs and it is run from WWW like a typical web application. A user authorization is typical too. Username and password are stored at the files in the form of hash. It is able to observe Icinga/Nagios with the LDAP or the Active Directory. In contrast to the logs which run down of certain hours and show errors after time of emergency. The monitoring is immediate. It can be used when administrator need permanent and an immediate notification error system.