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Router - a long time ago and now

A long time ago, when computers were a privilege (not a necessity), the Internet was associated with an issuing strange sounds box, which was called the modem. Old modems were connected to telephone jack and provided access to the global network. Nowadays, everyone can connect lot of computers, phones and tablets without using cables. The device which provides this opportunity is called router.

A router and a modem are usually confused with each other. Not everyone can indicate the use of both devices. However, both have something in common - access to the Internet. Meanwhile, if we would like to distinguish between these devices, it is not a problem. User should know that the modem is used for receiving a signal and translating it into the “lang” which is understable for the computer, the phone or the tablet. On the other hand, the router is a device, which can divide the signal so that several computers to use from a single network source. The next task for router is interconnecting multiple networks. As the name suggests, the router provides a routing (sending packets between network and information about an addressing of hosts in the network).

For more advanced user router with higher technical capabilities is better solution. It allows you to assign access rights and to setup VPN connection. However, the situation is more complicated, because a lot of devices available on the market have features of the modem and router at once. It is possible to find a router with a built-in modem, and a modem with a router function. In both cases, functionality is the same.

The next situation is the wireless network (WiFi). It is a comfortable solution, particularly if we have an access to the 3G or the 4G network via our mobile phone. Then, we can catch the Internet practically everywhere. But when the amount of data is limited, then we can use hotspot wireless routers. It is a free internet (usually in urban or in the shopping center, universities, schools etc.).  A finding of free network is not a difficult but a using of hotspot may be dangerous. Connections to these routers are not encrypted and can be overheard.