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Rainbow Tables - how to break Windows passwords

Each Windows user happened to forget the system password. It is not comfortable situation for anyone and less experienced users afraid of losing data.

Situations like this happen at my work all the time. One day, admin from my company was on holidays and the rest of admins needed an access to his Windows computer. The second situation was when during classes one Ph’D could not show a video (on a lecture) because he did not have an admin rights to install required application. He did not know OS password for computer in the classroom.

Question: Is it possible to solve these problems? How to do it?

The answer (in both cases) is the same! There are several ways to break Windows password, e.g. OphCrack application.

At first sight, what is the best in this tool? The application is bootable from CD, DVD or USB, as you like and it can be downloaded from the network or installed on the disks. However, attempt to crack the password at any Windows version may be problematic. OphCrack uses the Rainbow Tables to crack passwords. Rainbow tables are the most basic of abbreviations used to break passwords encrypted by one-way hash function. However, every password in Windows systems can be stored in the form of two types of hashes: LM Hash and NT Hash. The first of them, LM Hash does not take into account the size of character but NT Hash is the exact profile of password. LM Hash can be used for less than fifteen-character passwords and is applied in every Windows before XP. Windows Vista (or higher) uses NT Hash.

Raindows Tables are offered by the developers of the application. It is possible to download them. The coolest is that weak passwords are cracked quickly. My Ph’D had to wait only five minutes (it was XP system). It is very useful application when you are administrator or Windows user.