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I have had enough of spam

We all know that e-mail is beautiful invention. It brings joy, trivia, entertainment, information, new opportunities, new friends and countless amounts of unwanted ads. I don`t know not advanced Internet user who does not complain about the huge amount of spam plaguing him from all sides: websites, mails, im messaging. For someone who has fast internet connection it is not such a big problem. But when you connect via modem or you are the owner of a large company and every day you have to sift through dozens or hundreds rubbish mails, then the problem becomes significant. The word SPAM probably comes from Monty Python. In the sketch, the client comes to the restaurant where for every ordered dish he must necessarily order breakfast set called "SPAM" (Shoulder Pork and Ham / spiced ham). When a customer wants to order something else, then the special blocking group wearing Viking costumes, starts singing "SPAM, SPAM, wonderful SPAM, SPAM glorious", drowning out normal conversation. In conclusion: something that was not quite the desire of millions people and even have been hated by millions :) For the question "What is SPAM?" there is no clear answer. But surely it is advertising something that does not interest us and additionally the author is not known to us. As every rule there are exceptions. For example SPAM chains can be sent via the e-mail, Adium, ICQ and other IM. 

As already we are talking about messaging, it is used for the daily ads when we are running these programs. Mostly ow us close them, not even waiting for the end embark. However, it does not mean that the spam does not concern us. It is not easy to defend itself against IM spam. However a lot of methods is known to defend against e-mail spam. I think that almost all e-mail hosting portals provide antispam. It is a program that recognize the e-mail senders who send unsolicited bulk mail. And here arises the question: from where does the spammer have my email address? The answer is simple. Mailing lists are created using the mass and auto scan Web pages, mailing list archive available through the Web and comments on the newsgroups. Sufficient that in the forum guest book or in another place you will give your e-mail address and the spammer will find it. However, it does not mean that we can not longer leave our address anywhere. There are some methods for obstacle detection programs our mail: use “[at]”, instead of “@” ; add “NO_SPAM” tet after “@”. If we are dealing with Polish spam it is definitely YES. And to whom to report it? Advertised companies, spammer and its ISP!!! I  realize that the subject has not been exhausted. It remains a huge problem of SPAM, server administrators, but it is the subject for an another time.