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How to become a penguin? Linux

If you do not see differences - why overpay?

A lot of people have begun to abstain from using Microsoft operating systems lately. Various peculiarities like tiles made that users do want to use MS systems and they are looking for something lighter. They finally have to choose between OSX and Linux, but the second has one advantage over the first - it is FREE! Most of the software available for Linux is open and free. Often, you can find lot articles about Linux system. A lot of people would like to find another operation system. They would like to find system which is not from Microsoft family. It is the problem. People scare of Linux systems and they usually prefer easier solution, but easier does not mean better.

Which system at the beginning?

At first, it is important to inform you that Linux is not easy like Windows and the use of it is not so trivial and obvious. In my opinion, it is not the wine of the system. It is only a matter of habits. Someone told that the Linux is for everyone, but everyone is not for the Linux. At first and for me the most important is the fact that Linux is not for people who like to play the latest games. Linux is for users who need an efficient system and appreciate stability and security.

How to choose a distribution?

This section is the most important. Users can not put the bar too high. They have to choose the distribution which is adjusted to the expectations, skills and knowledge. On the whole world there are a lot of Linux distributions: typical for servers and more user-friendly. The most popular distros are: Ubuntu, SUSE, Fedora, Arch, Debian, Slackware and Gentoo. On the Internet you can find a lot of quizzes. After an embodiment, any of them, it will find out which distro suits you. When you will find the name of your lover you should download and install it. During the first installation you should trust to the standard settings, but a boot manager has to be saved on the MBR record!!! It is very important!!

A configuration and a future

If you would like to configure your system (e.g. install some additional apps) then you have to use a tool for downloading patches usually. Only Slackware has a problem. Most of Linux systems have extensive repositories and most needed things are in them and most popular bugs are resolved on the Internet.

Linux is not something difficult and not to pass. I used Linux first time during the first year of my studies and it was Slackware - without Xserver, mouse driver, without network drivers etc. The first thing was: it is not for me, it is so difficult! Now (after ten years), I am Linux System and Network Administrator and Linux has not secrets from me. I have used Slackware, Gentoo, Debian, Ubuntu and FreeBSD. Now I try to work with XenServer and a lot of thematic distos like OPHCrack and I do not want to come back to Windows - never!