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How not to be a parasite - private instant messaging server

A using of output communicator     

People who spent a lot of time on the instant messaging communication know that sometimes (for some protocols often) breakdowns occur. Also this kind of communication is needed in companies. The use of external communicators in a company, where employees sometimes talk about AFFAIRS projects is stupid. Sometimes companies want to use a communicator only within a local network. However, if an employee is out of the office (e.g. delegation or homeoffice) he/she can use the communicator thanks to VPN service. Nowadays it is standard security policy. You have to remember that chats via instant messengers may be overheard. For the example Wireshark has the option to record voice message from popular peer-to-peer and VoIP communicators. 

How to resolve the problem?     

The answer is simple! At the moment most of the IM protocols are not proprietary. The example of open IM protocol is the XMPP. What does it mean? This means nothing less than more, it is possible to place your own XMPP server. You need a host, a network and a software. Nothing else!

How to configure XMPP server?     

For the example on Debian Linux can use eJabberd application from the system repositories. eJabberd is a Jabber/XMPP instant messaging server, licensed under GPLv2 (Free and Open Source), written in Erlang/OTP. Moreover, eJabberd is cross-platform, fault-tolerant, clusterable and modular solution. The installation and configuration is not so difficult. It must download eJabber and Erlang libraries from repositories and install it. The next step is the configuration. Only one file! What is the best? eJabber have built-in extensions of transport to others IM networks (ICQ, MSN, AIM etc.) and as well the authentication of users via LDAP. Additionally, you can install the corporate Instant Messaging gateway with possibility of logging all conversations. However, what is already the best in the XMPP? XMPP does not bind us to a particular client, such as AIM or Skype (legally it can not use IM protocol of another communicator, as the official). We have a lot of application for every platform at our disposal: Linux (Psi, EKG, Gajm, Kopete etc.), Windows (Psi, AQQ, JAJC, Miranda IM etc.) OSX(Adium, Psi, Psi+), online via a web browser (e.g. iJab), mobile (e.g. mChat) and Android (e.g. xChat). None of platform is discriminated!