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Grub - a Liunux bootloader

What is it Grub? Grub is a bootloader tool. With it, you can run one of the many operation systems like Linux system, Windows on your computer. You can also start systems from the network (for this you have to use PXE). Grub can read a lot of filesystems: ext2/ext3/ext4, DOS, FAT16-32, exFAT, HFS, HFS+, NTFS, ReiserFS, etc. In this way, you can load the operating system kernel and possibly a virtual startup disk. GRUB supports password protection to run any operating system or cannot run a shell. Everything is fine, but the problem is, that Grub (both: ver. 2 and ver. 1) is a boring botloader. Frequently Grub does not associate us with something especially nice. Often it causes problems and associates it with this. It is also graphically very poor. Of course, we have got great opportunities of configuration, but it is not satisfactory for advanced users, who like interesting design. Of course, there is also Lilo, but it is worse than Grub. So, what can we do? Fortunately, there is a program that will help you to make your graphic design of Grub not so standing out from the rest of the system. BURG gives us the ability to easily vary the appearance of our bootloader without specialist knowledge. Generally speaking, BURG is an overlay for Grup that allows us to drastically change its appearance. The standard installation is equipped with a variety of themes disputes in which everyone will find something for themselves.

Please note! In the worst case, installation of Burg interference in the bootloader could bring it impossible to start the system (rather theoretically, because this situation is rare). I am not responsible for any damage caused by this program. Installation is limited to the usage of 4 commands: adding repositories update and retrieve repositories Burg, Burg installation and renovation Burg. If during the execution of a command, no errors interrupted the installation then congratulations - you have just installed burg. The next time when you will start your computer, you will be greeted by your changed the boot screen. If you already restarted the computer, then you probably noticed that the standard theme is hardly a dream come true (although probably a lot of people will like the most). Change your theme is simple, just when displaying a selection screen press the F2 button, then choose a theme and press Enter. It`s that simple!

Grub is not as bad as they say at him. Now, the welcome screen may look like we want, and booting will become as colorful as the system itself.