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Debian - the true distribution

Three True Distributions - Debian

In the whole world there are so many kinds of operation systems. Ones of them are more difficult, another are easier to use. Increasingly, people reach for the Linux. From several years the Linux has changed past all recognition. For example, installation process is not now difficult. Also, number of programs increased during several years. Users can watch videos, listen music and even play video games. This is happening because developers of Linux systems all time invent new distros. Most of them is based on old Linuxes. It is said, that there are three valid distros of Linux: Debian, Gentoo and Slackware. Today, I would like to write about the most popular in these times - the Debian.

Debian - it is not an Old-African word

Debian is a project of a free distribution of the Linux. People on the whole world can realize it. It is very stable system. Debian is also easy to update and efficient. New stable versions are rare. It is important for security of distribution, but leads often to release delays. The name of Debian is summary of two names: one of the Debian developer, Ian Murdock and his girlfriend Debra. Developers of Debian chat between each other via bug-tracking systems or mailing group. They develop tree branches: stable, testing and unstable. It is still available an experimental branches. Debian uses DEB packages. The basic installer is DPKG. It is a low level installer. Users can run it from a command line. The most demanding package manager is APT. A lot of activities are automated in APT (e.g. package downloading and resolving package dependencies). Debian has got overlays for these programs: dselect and aptitude. All packages have got carers. The carers cares about version of packages. It tries to maintain compliance between all packages. Typically, a one caregiver is engaged in one package. Sometimes small groups of developers is involved in one big package or group of packages closely linked.

Of course, Debian like another Linux has got a lot of “children”. There are systems based on Debian. This include: Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu, Mint, Knoppix etc


Do you know how developers invent Debian releases names? It is so simple! All names of releases are names from one of the Disney cartoon - Toy Story. First version of Debian is called Buzz, like Buzz Lightyear. Latest versions are Squezze, Wheezy and Jessie like a three-eyes alien, a penguin in the red tie and Woody’s girlfriend - cow-girl. The name of testing branches Sid is derived from name of boy who had broken toys.