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Internet & Hardware Speed Test

Did you notice the websites are loading slowly? Do you feel the files are downloading much longer? Take the speed test, check if you get what you pay for and improve your results. Still slow? Test your hardware.

Internet Speed Test

SPEEDRON is the best place to perform an Internet speed test. Every day a lot of tests are performed. The site offers global coverage for Internet testing. First the PING is measured. Result is presented in miliseconds. The lower result is better. Second and third steps are bandwidth measurements - Download and Upload, respectively. Results are presented in Mb/s (Mega bits per second). The higher result is better.

Hardware Speed Test

SPEEDRON also provides a great feature to perform online benchmark of your hardware. It measures hashrates for calculating popular crypto algorithms like MD5, SHA1 and SHA256. The last one is widely used in the IT world i.e. for Bitcoin mining. Hashrate means how many encrypted strings can be calculated in a second by your hardware. The results are presented in kH/s (kilo Hash per second). The higher result is better.