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Instant messengers for mobiles

Facebook Messenger is one of the most successful products Mark Zuckerberg. It is a communicator for chat on Facebook. Messenger counts as one of the most popular mobile application in the world. The Facebook team believes that Messenger has 800 million of active users now. However, not everyone likes or use this communicator. Google Play offers so many alternative options that you will choose something for yourself.

BlackBerry Messenger

This communicator was dead a few years ago. The company has restored it to life on Android. Since that time, a small group of users have downloaded the application. The distinguishing feature of this is the BlackBerry Voice for voice calls. Some say that it is one of the nicer programs of this type.

Google Hangouts

If you have Android then you probably will have this application on your phone. It is pre-installed by Google. It can be also added that the communicator is very stable. Hangouts is used for voice and video calls.


One of the few application that allows you to use “nick” instead of the name. It is therefore popular among people who do not want to give their real name, and they want to meet interesting people in a virtual world.


Line has over 100 million users, even though it is little known in the world. Its advantage is simplicity and ease of use. Normally, there are also “sticker” and emoji.

Signal Private Messenger

For those who care about security and privacy, this application will be a great alternative. Apparently, the same Edward Snowden uses this communicator!


Everyone knows Skype and probably used it. Skype is available on different platforms: Windows, Linux, OSX, Android, etc. The most famous feature is of course the possibility of making video calls. And that is why everyone loves it so much. It can also be used for text messages and group.


The application has the results of popularity at the level of 660 million users. We can use it to send messages, voice and video calls. So such a standard. Additionally you will find here the game and the ability to delete the information after they were sent. The latter may be of interest to those who do not like to keep an archive conversations on the disk. The program also supports Android Wear and PC.


Communicator does not differ from the rest of the colleagues. It has text chat, voice, video, exchange pictures, emoticons, stickers. The app also includes several games and “Friend Radar”.


This alternative also probably needs no introduction. It is one of the most popular messaging applications on Google Play.