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Defragmentation tools

In times when Windows 98 SE was the most popular operating system on ours computers, defragmentation tool was “must have” application. Of course, the tool built in operating system from Microsoft was inefficient, i.e. it was slow and started operation from the scratch when some data was modified. Defragmentation of the whole disk lasted all day and the end effect was miserable. Most people was using Norton SpeedDisk (component of Norton Utilities). How does look today?

Windows defragmentation tool


We all know, that defragmentation tool from Windows 98 is a mistake. However, starting from Windows XP and NTFS file system, the disk defragmenter is quite efficient. However on couple my computers with Windows XP, I have installed additional application, because of small amount of free space. In case of Windows 7 and newer, I have never installed an additional program for file defragmentation.



Defraggler is very simple deffragmentation software which supports FAT32 and NTFS file systems. This is one of the most popular 3rd party tools for defragmantation and it is developed by CCleaner authors. Very interesting is the fact that also portable version is available, so you do not have to install anything 🙂 Unlike other tools, Defraggler can defragment only selected partition, folder or file. It can also scan your disk for errors.

Auslogics Disk Defrag


This is the another free defragmentation program which is also very popular among users. Why do users like this application? Because it is very fast and shows very detailed report.


From my experience I can recommend you to change your classical HDD to SSD. Why? Because you will not observe performance drop due to fragmented files. Of course, the problem will still exist, however the tool built in operating system will be good enough and you will not have to execute defragmentation operation so often.