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A trivial default password on iOS hotspot

It is always just like that in the case when we want something done our way and supplied to us convenience, is not very safe actually. In the case of the IT market it is like that. We set easy passwrd to remember not to bother with long one. However, it reflects on our safety quite significantly. Exactly it is like that the case of apple mobike hotspot password.

The worst thing about all this is that the case propagates about Apple, the company whose products are considered to be the most refined in the world. In fact Apple as one of the few trying to take care of his client. That’s exactly what everything revolves around the draw default passwords for iOS hotspots. The algorithm used in this mechanism is not successful. Unfortunately, the case does not look interesting, because it takes less than a minute, allowing them to break the password. Hotspots created in the so-called “run” are becoming increasingly popular. No longer need to hack their phones to be able at the airport or train station to connect to the network computer and your colleague. Run hotspot, enter the password and … you can enjoy the benefits of mobile internet on all devices that support WiFi. The truth is that such a great sense of security gives users the WPA2. Is it perfect? Not exactly!

Let’s start with how the WPA2 works. Its encryption strength really is in the strength of the key, how to apply encryption mechanism. Once we used WEP, which require Kismet, Aircrack, Airodump and about 10 minutes with the watch on your wrist to break into. Fortunately, those days are gone. In the case of Apple problem is on the other side. Passwords proposed as default for the hotspot are relatively trivial. German scientists loocked at this. They decided to see how large a vocabulary we use to generate passwords for Apple hotspot. What have they seen? The first, which is quite disturbing is the fact that passwords consist of words about the length of four to six characters plus four digits. These researchers found that passwords are the basis of the dictionary from Scrabble.

To carry out such an attack on a hotspot in iOS is not as impossible as it seems at first glance. All you need is MAC address of the Wi-Fi to set whether we are dealing with Apple. To start breaking the network password, the attacker needs to negotiate a package client connection to the network. Unfortunately, he does not need to wait until a client connects to the network. By sending the appropriate packages, unplug existing user and wait until it automatically connects to it again. In addition, the attacker does not need to carry a GPU cluster to crack passwords – may use eg. paid services CloudCracker, which probably soon will (if it does not include) a pack of all passwords generated by IOS.

Unfortunately, to break the password to someone else’s hotspot can have an incredible amount of negative effects. As a result, an attacker can use the Internet connection of the victim. At best, the result will be increased data transfer speed but it can be used for eg. to perform illegal operations in a bank account or auction, plunging phone holder into ┬átrouble