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Advance features of home routers

Router is for many people a magic box that once configured does not require any modification.

In fact, to be the operator of the home router, it is enough to know how to change the password for your Wi-Fi. Modern routers link next to the separation, however, have a lot of useful, but little-known functions. In fact, the router is the most advanced device used to connect network segments and to increase its physical size. A router is a configurable device, which allows you to control network bandwidth usage and provides complete isolation between the segments.

QoS – Quality of Service

QoS is a feature that allows you to control the flow of data through a router. You can therefore give priority to the selected data types or users at the expense of others. For an example you can set the highest priority for Skype, thus preventing the connection will be broken when someone downloads a large file from the Internet. QoS is a feature supported by almost every home router, but in terms of capabilities and configurations vary between producers.

AP Isolation

AP Isolation is an interesting and rarely used function, which has the vast majority of routers. It involves blocking the communication between clients in the same Wi-Fi network. This means that every user will be hooked thought he was alone in the local network. This provides a higher degree of safety and should take advantage of this, the router does not have a network function for guests, and often let friends use our LANs. AP Isolation is used mainly when creating hotspots ensures invisibility connection to each customer.

MAC address filtering

MAC filtering is a feature that improves the security of our network. It works by creating a list of devices that are allowed to work in our network. If someone breaks our password, this option will deny access to every device which is not included by the list of MAC addresses.


The routers are increasingly manufacturers place the function associated with the work schedule. Depending on the model, for example, we can decide what hours is to operate a network of Wi-Fi, and even router. Turning off the wireless router or a wireless network makes sense – we reduce electricity bills and avoid greater intensity of electromagnetic waves.