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Data leak from SwiftKey

There is a lot of keyboards for Android and iOS mobile devices. You can set any of them as the default keyboard which will be used by all installed applications. One of the most popular keyboard for both mobile platforms is SwiftKey. This application allows you to write with the help of suggestions and drag your finger across the keyboard for easier typing.

SwiftKey has also the ability to synchronize with the cloud of learned words. Unfortunately, the application had very serious bug. Through this error, private data began to appear in smartphones of other users. A user of this application at some point got a suggestion of his estranged e-mail.

It looked strange. Suddenly, new words appeared in his dictionary. He was sure that he never has used these words. But this is not the end. It was even worse. There were also some personal family names, addresses, phone numbers and other sensitive data. All of this appeared in the suggested words. Worst of all, even after resetting the application, data problem was still visible. The SwiftKey keyboard belongs to Microsoft from some time. Of course, SwiftKey team has referred to that unpleasant situation. They published entry win an explanation on their official blog.

It turned out that it was not a problem of single user. The vast majority of users did not experience this error. But this is not satisfactory. It seems that a lot of data leaked. The company also has announced that they temporary turn off the synchronization of keyboard data in the cloud. They want to fix the problem first. In any case, people using SwiftKey can not feel to be completely safe. This was to be expected. In the end, it is now owned by Microsoft. The company promised that the problem will be repaired soon. Then the cloud synchronization will be switched back on. The problem, however, is of high importance. It turns out that even keyboards are dangerous for all our stored data and message content. I think we need to move out on a desert island. I do not know, however, whether this will help. I wonder also, what will happen with SwiftKey. They will probably fix the problem, but I am not sure if users come back to them. I am afraid that people will  massively remove this application from their phones. I am not surprised, I have just done this 10 minutes ago.