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OnHub Google router from Asus

Do you remember our news about router from Google called OnHub manufactured in cooperation with TP-Link? There were rumors that similar device will be produced by Asus. And guess what. These rumors¬†turned out to be the truth ūüôā

Who likes beautiful, elegant and matching housing electronic equipment? I personally know that protruding router, modem, or hanging cables from the TV do not make my apartment become charm. On the contrary, this¬†only plunges and shows lack of organization of the owner. No wonder, then, that today’s families are looking for solutions that will not mar their surroundings. Increasingly popular are nice laptops, ultra-thin, elegant, white TVs or designer routers and modems that are not only standing junction box under the TV, or hanging crap on the ceiling.


The design is changed, however the difference between OnHub routers from Asus and TP-Link is not only the look. Version from Asus has new feature called Wave Control. This new function will allow you to set higher priority for selected device. You will have to only¬†wave a hand over the device and your gesture will be automatically recognized. That’s all, you do not have to login into an administration panel and select you device by its MAC address. As you remember the biggest advantage of routers from Google¬†is very user-friendly interface and high performance. What else is new?

In Asus version we have improved improved algorithm of antenna selection which is able to boost the signal to connected devices. The rest of specification is the same as in case of TP-Link model. So, for 220 USD¬†you will get modern good looking router which support 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, 802.11ac standard, Bluetooth, ZigBee and has 4 GB of internal memory. We can also read that update process is improved (new software will be downloaded when network is not used), so we can expect that Google¬†will be¬†constantly improve OnHub routers. Of course you will able to control the device from your Android or Apple smartphone ūüôā


How do you like this? I must admit that each holder of a nice apartment, which depends on the elegant interior will draw attention to the product. Catches the eye and pleases the eye. It is definitely much better looking choice than black, angular box. And in addition it must be admitted that these routers can fight not only on the appearance of competition. In the end, this is the product manufactured by Asus, one of the best companies, not low-price unknown producer. We can only add that we hope that these routers will conquer the market.