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Omnicharge – the ultimate power bank

The average capacity of battery used in modern smartphone is about 3 000 mAh. This is not small value, but the power consumption of smartphone with several applications run at the same time is very high. For an example, the recently released AR (Augmented Reality) game, which uses GPS module, data transmission and does not allow you to turn off the screen, consumes more energy than my phone is able to take from the charger. Of course, when this happens then Android will display the proper information. So, this is obvious that people need power bank and they want to plug to the mobile power source not only their smartphone, but also other devices.

Omnicharge will offer you much more than the normal power bank.

The normal solution (i.e. standard power bank) has about 10 000 mAh and it can be charged using normal micro-USB mobile charger. A lot of power banks have 2 USB output ports (one 1aA and second 2 A), so you can charge two mobile devices at the same time. However, you can not charge simultaneously the power bank and mobile devices. Would you like to have a power bank with two times higher capacity and possibility to power AC devices (e.g. a laptop)? There will be available a device which has this all features, it is called Omnicharge. Currently, it is not available in shops, but you can support this crowdfunding service via Indiegogo site.

The Omnicharge battery pack will be available in two versions: 13 600 mAh and 20 400 mAh.

Both versions have 2x fast USB charging ports (5V/4.8A) and one 120V AC/150V DC power outlet. Also, the small LCD screen with the device and ports status is very handy feature. You can also charge 3 devices and the Omnicharge power bank simultaneously. You can also charge the Omnicharge device from different sources, including solar panels. If you decide to buy this device, then you have to remember about major differences between version. The standard edition (i.e. 13 600 mAh) provides lower maximum AC output power, i.e. 65 W, so you will not able to charge e.g. Apple MacBook Pro 15.4-inch. However, the Pro edition has 20 400 mAh and provides up to 100 W of AC output power.

The Omnicharge Standard will be priced at $199 and the Omnicharge PRO will be about 50%, i.e. it will cost $249. As you can see, it is much more expensive than the standard power bank with the same capacity. However, you will get special features for this price, as simultaneously charging and AC plug, which are not supported by normal mobile power banks.