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Is it worth investing in SSD?

A lot of computer’s users do not know what the difference is between responsively and performance. Only few people know that replacement of CPU for faster or with more cores, or additional RAM modules will not solve problems with slow PC. In most cases the root cause is slow hard disk and replacement of this device for much faster is better choice. In the practice it means that you should consider purchasing a solid-state drive (SSD).

What is the main difference between traditional HDDs and new technology called SSD? Disks manufactured in old technology are mechanical and they consist of platters and the read/write head. Therefore performance of  the device is limited by this mechanical elements. On the other hand, SSD consists of only semiconductor elements. Unfortunately this new technology is not cheap and you will have to use balanced solution. It means that you will also need to have additional (e.g. extarnal) HDD for data storage. In this case SSD with 120 GB – 256 GB capacity is used only for operating system and installed applications.

However in our opinion, performance aspect is not the only advantage of semiconductor technology. Do you know what the biggest issue is of mechanical hard-drives installed in mobile devices (laptops and netbooks)? Mechanical damage as a result moving a computer! Therefore manufactures have developed many solutions which detect the movement and stop the read/write head. In case of SSD devices this problem does not exist 🙂 You will also appreciate the silence, specially if you have passive cooling and HDD is the only mechanical component in your computer. We have an ultrabook which is full passive cooled and has SSD, you can believe us that this computer is noiseless.

Some time ago semiconductor drives were not reliable, i.e. a lot of failure cases were reported by users. However tests show that modern high quality SSD drives are even more durable than some classical HDD devices. Therefore we recommend you to spend a little more money and choice reliable solution. Remember that yours data is priceless and computer recovery after disk’s failure may be more expensive for you at the end.

You should also remember that SSD will not give for you more FPS in your favorite game etc. However it will cause that your operating system will boot much faster and also applications (e.g. web browser, mail client etc.) will launch faster. Therefore this kind of upgrade significantly increases the comfort of daily-work on personal computer, but also requires the use of an external drive with USB 3.0 in case of mobile computers. In case of desktop computer it is good practice to use also classic fast HDD for data storage and backups.